A new website was launched to promote the case of Doneale Feazell: Donealefeazell.com.

Steve Barket has launched this site to find out and publish the true story on this new website.
We have known Doneale for a few years and we know his case is very much worth investigating.

We hope the truth will be revealed to all.

Lerlene Roever


We just added Lerlene's summary and some more notes about her to this website. Please read her story and support her by writing to her:

From: KLAS-TV 8-News Now:
Posted: Mar 29, 2012
By Stephen Jackson

LAS VEGAS -- Over a dozen people, including a staff attorney at the most prestigious wrongful conviction center in the United States, have sent letters to Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson requesting he drop opposition to an appeal filed by Kirstin Lobato, a woman convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2006. Another 200 people have signed a petition asking Wolfson to drop the case.

Lobato was arrested and convicted in the 2001 murder of Duran Bailey. Bailey was beaten to death and his penis was cut off after he died. Police found no evidence linking Bailey and Lobato to one another.

Lobato's appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court hinges on whether Clark County District Court Judge Valorie Vega made a mistake when she would not allow Lobato's defense to retest DNA evidence. When the evidence was originally tested, Bailey's DNA was found at the scene, along with DNA from an unknown person. Lobato's DNA was excluded from being at the scene.

Read the letter from the Innocence Project

In a letter to DA Wolfson, attorney Jason Kreag said, "My question is simple: what do you have to lose by consenting to testing? If the results confirm Ms. Lobato's involvement in the murder, then that would effectively end the case, and Ms. Lobato's conviction would stand… But if the testing identified someone other than Ms. Lobato as the murderer, then that result could not only serve as compelling evidence of Ms. Lobato's innocence but also bring the true perpetrator to justice."

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